Harwoods Truck Centre

MAN Telematics – the smart way to manage your fleet

MAN Telematics allows you to monitor the performance of every vehicle in your fleet from the comfort of your office or home.


Key features

  • Track & Trace
    Allows you to see current position and progress, and provides a detailed overview of downtime and driving time.

  • Maintenance Management
    Ongoing transfer of maintenance data enables proactive maintenance management.

  • Deployment Analysis and Reporting
    Optimises fuel consumption and reduces operating costs.

  • Time Management
    Provides full transparency during driving and rest periods.


Product Options

    Maintenance management and vehicle-related operational analysis.

  • ECO
    Operational analysis and efficiency reports for driver and vehicle, plus operational history.

  • MAP
    Track & Trace, Geofencing, partner/customer access.

  • TIME
    Residual driving time, mass storage unit download, driver card download, logbook.